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What’s the difference between
“nama” (unpasteurized) and pasteurized?


Nama (unpasteurized) sake means the sake is pressed and bottled without any pasteurization.  The result is a sake with refreshing, vibrant, emphatic flavors. The flavor profile will gradually change as time passes.

Generally, nama sakes are meant to be consumed within a few months after pressing. They must constantly be refrigerated because the enzymes in the sake are still active. If not refrigerated, the sake will not rot nor go bad, but some undesirable flavors may develop. However, some people actually enjoy this change in flavor!

We generally recommend consuming within 4-6 months after being pressed, and once opened it’s best to consume within a few weeks for optimal flavor. We recommend drinking this sake chilled. 

Most nama sakes from Japan have been in transit for several weeks to make it to the US, so by the time the consumer enjoys it, it’s possible that several months have passed since pressing. This is why Den’s nama sake is so special! 

Our customers are able to enjoy this delicious fresh sake as it was meant to be enjoyed- soon after pressing.


 Den pasteurized sake is bottled after pressing and pasteurized just once in the bottle.  Many sakes from Japan are pasteurized twice. The reason why Den is only pasteurized once is to allow consumers to enjoy the freshness, bold flavor and delicate aroma of the sake.  The flavor profile of the pasteurized sake will be slightly more slender, with a cleaner finish and it will mature beautifully over time without developing undesirable flavors.

We also recommend storing the pasteurized in the refrigerator if possible, but it is also fine to store it
somewhere cool and dark, away from direct heat & sunlight.

Pasteurized sake pairs beautifully with a variety of foods and can be enjoyed chilled, at room temperature or even warmed up a bit (“hito hada-kan” or body temperature) .

We recommend consuming the pasteurized within
12 months after being pressed. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and should keep for
several weeks.

Den Sake Brewery


Den Sake Brewery
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