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Den Blanc (Pasteurized) 500ml


  • 500ml bottle (17 oz)
  • Pasteurized
  • 10% Discount when you purchase 6 or more bottles

In stock

In stock

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New Batch!

Den Blanc is a new expression of sake made using white koji to create a pleasant citrus-like sourness together with gentle umami flavors.

White koji is commonly used for shochu making and naturally produces a higher amount of citric acid.

Due to this natural high acid production, the shubo (yeast starter) is made without adding any lactic acid.

Just like our original flagship Den, we use Calhikari rice grown by Rue & Forsman Ranch.


Tasting Notes

Young pineapple, green apple, hint of cream. Juicy-tart on palate, with gentle umami and minerality. Rich, mouth-watering finish.

Pairing Suggestions

Smoked trout & grapefruit arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette. Any dish with a citrus or acidic flavor component.


  • Pressed On: 1/18/24
  • Rice: Calhikari
  • Rice Milling Ratio: 70%
  • Yeast Starter Method: White Koji Kouon Touka with no added lactic acid
  • Acidity : 2.9
  • SMV: -2.8
  • ABV: 15.5%
  • Yeast: #901