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Made in Oakland, California
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Welcome to Den Sake Brewery

Den Sake Brewery is the first sake brewery in Oakland, CA.

We brew handcrafted, small-batch sake from Cal-Hikari rice grown in the Sacramento Valley. Our delicately aromatic sake pairs exceptionally well with all types of California cuisine as well as many types of Asian cuisine.

We just released our first 2 batches in early August.

Stay tuned for more updates. Kanpai!

About Den Sake Brewery

Den Sake Brewery was established in February 2017 by Yoshihiro Sako.  Sako is the head brewer (toji) and  co-founder. Before starting Den Sake, he apprenticed at several breweries in Japan to learn the craft of sake making.

Sako brews his small-batch sake using traditional Japanese brewing methods with a single origin rice grown by Rue & Forsman ranch in the Sacramento Valley.  They have a close working relationship with these farmers and know where each batch of rice originated from and when it was harvested.

Den Sake strives to brew sake with a focus on flavors that naturally compliment local California cuisine as well as Japanese and Asian food.

Where to Buy

In San Francisco

True Sake

Bi Rite

Dolores Outpost

In the East Bay

Umami Mart

Northbrae Bottle Shop

Tokyo Fish Market

Diablo Foods

Contact Den Sake Brewery

Den Sake Brewery
2311 Magnolia St.
Oakland, CA 94607